About Us


The Scout Hall is located in the Village of Cairneyhill, at the far end of Northbank Road on the right hand side. This is opposite Cairneyhill primary school which is signposted off Main Street

History of the 83rd Scout Group

The Group was first registered on 1st March 1983, founded by Douglas Fotheringham who had moved from the Three Churches Group in Dunfermline.
Originally formed with just a Cub Scout Pack and Scout Troop, a Venture Scout Unit was added in 1989 and a Beaver Scout Colony in 1990. Douglas Fotheringham was Group Scout Leader from 1983 to 1997 and Maureen Cameron was Cub Scout Leader from 1983 to 1994.

Group Neckie


From its founding in 1983 until the Group AGM in 1999 the 83rd had a brown neckerchief with a grey border, but in 1999 adopted the 21st Century Tartan as the new colours for their neckerchief.

Scotland’s tartan for the 3rd Millennium has the following significance in its colours and sett;

  • Red signifies man’s spilling of blood over the last 2000 years
  • White represents the peace we hope for
  • Pale Blue for the United Nations
  • The large proportion of Deep Blue signifies the oceans which cover 7/10ths of the planet
  • Black is for Minerals; Oil and Coal
  • Green is for land and the ecology

And through them all runs the Silver and White of the space age and technology

(The 21st Tartan is exclusive to Geoffrey (Tailor) Limited